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SPICE - Speech Processing: Interactive Creation and Evaluation Toolkit


Speech technology potentially allows everyone to participate in today's information revolution and can bridge the language barrier gap. Unfortunately, construction of speech processing systems requires significant resources. With some 4500-6000 languages in the world, traditionally speech processing is prohibitive to all but the most economically viable languages. In spite of recent improvements in speech processing, supporting new languages is a skilled job requiring significant effort from trained individuals. This project aims to overcome both limitations by providing innovative methods and tools for naive users to develop speech processing models, collect appropriate data to build these models, and evaluate the results allowing iterative improvements. By integrating speech recognition and synthesis technologies into an interactive language creation and evaluation toolkit usable by unskilled users, speech system generation will be revolutionized. Data and components for new languages will become available to everybody improving the mutual understanding and the educational and cultural exchange between the U.S. and other countries.


Read more about SPICE in the following publications:

  • Sreen 2

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