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Speech and Language Processing

Speech is the most important natural human communication form in the world. Consequently, speech recognition is the most natural front-end for applications which allow human communication across language and culture barriers.

In our research on speech and language processing we focus on devising techniques and algorithms to improve speech and text applications that can robustly function in multilingual environments. This includes the rapid deployment of speech recognizers and synthesizers in new tasks and languages - for this purpose a massive reduction of effort in terms of time and costs is necessary. Furthermore, we develop speaker identification systems which allow a robust identification of arbitrary speakers.

It is our belief that both these applications are essential prerequisites in order to make speech-driven applications attractive and available to the public and spur their propagation to speakers of languages in which only few or no resources are available.


Research Topics:

Tim Schlippe (tim.schlippe∂kit.edu)

  • Pronunciation Generation

Dominic Telaar (dominic.telaar∂kit.edu)

  • Decoding
  • Error Blaming

Jochen Weiner (jochen.weiner∂kit.edu)

  • Transcription of biographic interviews

Tanja Schultz (tanja.schultz∂kit.edu)