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Research fields

At the Cognitive Systems Lab, we develop innovative human-computer interfaces, and we deal with new developments for communicatioEMG-based ASRn between humans. To this end we investigate the capture, recognition and interpretation of Biosignals. We work on the fundamentals of biosignal processing as well as on applied research projects. We realize our projects in a multidisciplinary and multinational environment and maintain worldwide cooperations with research institutions.

Research group at workOne of our scientific specializations is multilingual speech recognition, which in particular means the rapid deployment of speech processing systems on new domains, languages and applications. In this field we have been successfully pursueing the project RLAT for several years. In the Quaero project we support the development of tools for indexing and managing digital multimedial and multilingual content and for extracting information from multimedial and multilingual web documents, including written texts, speech and audio files, pictures, and videos. 

A further focus is the interpretation of different biosignals, e.g. for estimating the cognitive load or emotional state of persons. In the CRC 588 "Humanoid Robots" we deal with analyzing and modeling human movements in order to allow robots to interact with humans in a natural manner. Silent Speech Recognition  by Electromyography bridges the gap between speech recognition and biosignal processing; in this field our lab is the leading institution of the world.

We consider it important to adequately communicate our scientific results to the public. Our EEG recordingpress page collects the echo to our presentations and exhibits.

We put a high emphasis on the participation of students in our research, which can be done in the framework of a thesis (Studien-/Diplom-/Bachelor-/Masterarbeit) at our lab. As a student, this gives you the opportunity to directly participate in state-of-the-art research. It may also be possible for you to do part of your work at one of our international cooperation partners.