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"Airwriting" presents a mobile wearable interface, which enables a user to input handwritten text into a computer. Users write text in the air as they would write on an imaginary notepad or an imaginary blackboard. The 3-dimensional handwriting motion is captured by accelerometers and gyroscopes and transmitted wirelessly to a computer, where the signals are decoded into a textual representation. Airwriting can serve as an alternative to keyboard based text-entry, for which it is neither necessary to get the smartphone out of ones pocket nor is it necessary to visually focus on a device. Therefore it optimally complements speech input for mixed-reality (augmented-reality) applications



Press review

A very short video capturing the main taken at Cebit 2014 can be seen on golem.de.

There is a very informative german TV report on our Airwriting System by SWR for the show 3sat nano. 


More reports and articles can be found on our press page.


The following journal article gives an overview over the scientific on airwriting:


Christoph Amma, Marcus Georgi, Tanja Schultz

Airwriting: a wearable handwriting recognition system

Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 2013, DOI 10.1007/s00779-013-0637-3