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Bachlor (Student Research) and Master (Diploma) Theses

We're looking for:

  • Committed students who are interested in topics of current research, and contribute their own ideas and realize them.

We offer:

  • Working in a diverse team
  • Interesting questions from our current research
  • Opportunity to publish your own research as scientific publications
  • Depending on the theme / objective of the work of international contacts

We always offer a variety of theses. Feel free to contact us for a personal conversation:


Motion Recognition: Dirk Gehrig (dirk.gehrig∂kit.edu)

Motion Recognition, Wearable Computing: Christoph Amma (christoph.amma∂kit.edu)

Kognitive Dialog-Modelling: Felix Putze (putze∂ira.uka.de)

Biosignals, Speech Recognition with EMG: Michael Wand (mwand∂ira.uka.de)

Biosignals, Speech Synthesis with EMG: Matthias Janke (matthias.janke∂kit.edu)

Brain-Computer Interfaces, Biosignal Processing: Dominic Heger (dominic.heger∂kit.edu)

Biosignals, Brain-Computer Interfaces: Christian Herff (christian.herff∂kit.edu)

Multilingual Speech Recognition: Tim Schlippe (schlippe∂ira.uka.de), Ngoc Thang Vu (nthangvu∂ira.uka.de), Dominic Telaar (dominic.telaar∂kit.edu), Prof. T. Schultz (tanja∂ira.uka.de)

Recognition and Interpretation of Biosignals: Prof. T. Schultz  (tanja.schultz∂kit.edu)