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Design und Evaluation innovativer Benutzerschnittstellen

Lecture Plan - Syllabus

For orientation, here is the schedule of the last semester. The schedule for the current semester will be published at the beginning of the lecture.

Date Lecture Topic Slides
Fr 22.10.10 Tanja Introduction Folien
Fr 29.10.10 Felix, Christoph The Big Picture Folien
Fr 5.11.10 Felix Media Equation 1 Folien
Fr 12.11.10 Felix Media Equation 2 Folien
Fr 19.11.10 Christoph Multimodal Interaction 1 Folien
Fr 19.11.10 Christoph Multimodal Interaction 2 Folien
Fr 3.12.10 Felix Affective Computing 1 Folien
Fr 10.12.10 Felix Affective Computing 2 Folien
Fr 17.12.10 Christoph Attentive Interfaces Folien
Fr 14.01.11 Christoph Fusion 1 Folien
Fr 21.01.11 Christoph Fusion 2 Folien
Fr 28.01.11 Felix Usability 1 Folien
Fr 4.02.11 Felix Usability 2 Folien
Fr 11.02.11 Christoph, Felix Summary + Review Folien

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