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Brain Computer Interfaces

 Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs) are innovative systems that enable a person to interact
with a machine only using his or her brain activity.

At the Cognitive Systems Lab we develop BCIs based on Elektroencephalography (EEG)
and functional Near-Infrared-Spectroscopy (fNIRS) that can be used for active control of
machines and passive monitoring of users.

For example, the brain activity during motor imagery of hands or feet can be used to actively control
a computer or robot. Such BCIs are relevant for medical application and as novel methods for
advanced human-machine interaction.
Passive BCIs use the brain activity of a person to retrieve information about his or her user state.
Such information can be used to improve the human-machine interaction, for example by adapting
a user interface according to the mental workload level of its user recognized by the BCI.


Dominic Heger (Dominic.Heger∂kit.edu)
Felix Putze (Felix.Putze∂kit.edu)
Christian Herff (Christian.Herff∂kit.edu)
Tanja Schultz (Tanja.Schultz∂kit.edu)